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second hand ambulanceequipment

The core of our business still is the trade with second-hand rescue-service material. We supply with almost the whole range of rescue equipment. And above our sales offers, you can contact us any time for further individual consulting.

We want to have pleased customers. We give our best to satisfy you not only through a well chosen material offer but also through a good consulting work.

You are looking for second-hand rescue material ? Do you know what you need ? Most of the work is then done. You can send us your demand with our standard form and your will soon know if the wanted goods are available. If not, we will do the research for you. Through our contacts, we are mostly able to provide with the material in a reasonable period of time. If it is a matter of a large order, you have to understand that we might need more time.

You will find the prices on the lists solely in €. All prices are without VAT and forwarding expenses. At this point the VAT in the Netherlands amounts to 21%, the low scale of charges being of 9%. If you give us your turnover tax number, we can send the items free VAT for abroad shipment.

In addition, you will find two different codes for each offer we propose ourselves. The first one is the order number of the material you have to mention in your order. The second one is the condition code which informs you about the state of the material.

The orders of rescue-service material for the German market are mostly worked on directly from our partner companies in Germany. Other deliveries will be directly shipped from our warehouse in Amsterdam. You can also have a look yourselves at the material there.

For more information, please ask for our general terms of delivery.


A/a = new, without use marks

A/b = new, with use marks

B/a = used, in very good state

B/b = used

Pro Rescue - email: welcome.to@pro-rescue.info