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We are a (small) active company whose activities are based especially in the domain urgency-medicine.

Because of a well working business relationship with many companies, we won a good place on this market. Our activities were at the very beginning mainly based on trade with second-hand rescue-service material but now we are even able to supply with rescue-service vehicles. That means that we are able to offer a complete service. With a damaged ambulance, you can go to a garage, but if there is problem with your defibrillator, you will need a specialist. That is why we offer this service through our contacts.

We also have expanded our activities to the basis and further special training since we have experts in our company (College Lecturers in Nursing).

All of our employees are experts, which means that they actually work in rescue-service and have a long experience in this domain.

We always have a large range of materials on storage, this not only in the Netherlands, which makes it possible to use it also for the different training units.

We started from the beginning on with the export of goods. That explains why we looked, and found, many partners abroad. We now have regular business partners in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany. More countries are about to follow.

Since many of our employees can speak fluently German, we are able to organise basis and further training units not only in the Netherlands but also in Germany.

They are lectures and training units that we don’t want or cannot take charge of, but then we are still able to find other companies who will take over among our business partners.

Therefore we are your contact company for all matters that touch rescue-service, since we have such a broad supply offer.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Pro Rescue - email: welcome.to@pro-rescue.info